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• Review of concert, Library of Congress, Ensemble Signal, October 2017

How two D.C. institutions celebrate a new old master


Reich’s scores tend to be borne on the kind of propulsive rhythms manifest in “Clapping Music,” and pianists David Friend and Oliver Hagen were nearly lifted from their seats by the intensity of their insistent beats.... Washington Post

• Review of CD, Steve Reich: Double Sextet & Radio Rewrite, Ensemble Signal, Harmonia 

Mundi, 2016


Just as enjoyable is Radio Rewrite, a work prompted by a Johnny Greenwood performance of Electric Counterpoint. ...Enjoy the work as another prime chunk of vintage Reich and marvel at this ensemble’s sheer brilliance. Pianists David Friend and Oliver Hagen are outstanding. 

• Review of concert, Solo Piano, Unsuk Chin’s Double Concerto for Piano and Percussion, 

Miller Theatre, Ensemble Signal, March 2014

Unsuk Chin Celebrated in Composer Portrait at Miller Theater - The ...


If “snagS&Snarls” was an unabashed diva vehicle, the Double Concerto for piano, percussion and ensemble weaves the solo parts into the gamelan-like sound of the orchestra. Here, the fine soloists were the pianist Oliver Hagen and the percussionist Bill Solomon….In one instance, Mr. Hagen’s left-hand bass line combined with Mr. Solomon’s timpani and plucked double-bass notes into a rough, syncopated line of balled-up power. NY Times

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